Practitioners often ‘fall into’ leadership (Heard, 2014), yet we need to intentionally develop leadership skills so we can maximise our impact on the lived experience of displaced people.

How will we know there’s enough leadership in this field of practice?

There will be:

  • safe and ethical practice with displaced people,
  • practitioners who contribute to the field of practice not just their individual role,
  • capability to grasp strategic opportunities as a field of practice.

Perhaps many challenges experienced in occupational therapy practice (Murray, Turpin, Edwards & Jones, 2015) could be prevented or remediated with a stronger ecosystem of leadership in the field of practice.

We can develop leadership everyday because leadership includes leading self as well as leading others and navigating organisations and systems (Walker, Wilcox, Powell & Muir, 2017). Leadership contributions can be at micro, meso or macro levels within a field of practice and society (Dunbar & Winston, 2015).

Wherever your starting point, you can use the Healthcare Leadership Model to take stock, and help you see where what to develop next.  

Leadership itself is a process of using social influence to realise a goal. 

And learning leadership is also a social process – we need each other!

Opportunities to get started:

What can OOFRAS do to help grow leadership? We’re listening!


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