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Clarissa Adriel

About Clarissa Adriel

Clarissa Adriel coordinates client services for people with migrant and refugee backgrounds at Migrant Resource Centre Tasmania. The skills program won Tasmania’s 2017 Allied Health Award for ‘Consumer Focused Care – Measuring and Demonstrating Impact’.

Graduating in 2003 from University of Queensland, her practice background includes forensic mental health, transcultural mental health, brain injury rehabilitation, maternal mental health, mental health education, homelessness and psychosocial rehabilitation, and defendant health liaison in the family violence system.

Concurrent with this practice, she’s engaged people who have been displaced for over 15 years in many roles as a friend, a student, as a volunteer, as a supervisor of placements and projects, as an OOFRAS initiator and as a resource for emerging communities. OOFRAS contributions are made in a personal capacity to support the profession, and do not to represent any employer.