New Zealand

19 October 2018

Question. . . “I would love to know if there is any work to be done here in Auckland. . .”

Answer: Resources shared in the response. . .

As a resettlement area, it may mark the end of a long period of uncertainty, but it also marks the beginning of many new challenges.

There are also hostels with asylum seekers who do not have the security of resettlement.

There will always be occupational rights to respect and defend, occupational needs to fulfil, and organisations trying to do big things on small budgets to ensure social and economic inclusion of new comers.

I was in Aukland a few years back for a UNHCR sponsored film screening of Mary Meets Mohommad and toured services with Aukland Refugee Council.

Have you built knowledge and connections with the local organisations working with displaced people? Start there. The needs and opportunities will soon come into view.

For example, work with the university so they can work with you in establishing practice placements in these organisations (e.g. Red Cross, Asylum Seeker Support Trust, ARMS etc)

Also build occupational therapy connections locally – Why not aim to host a ‘meet up’ aligned to one of the UN days such as International Day of Persons with Disability, or Human Rights day in December?

And build occupational therapy connections internationally – join #OOFRASchat each month for a practice focus. Some other ways of reaching out to fellow occupational therapists in New Zealand are listed on the contact page.

Addition: New Land, New Life: Long-Term Settlement of Refugees in New Zealand (2012) tracks long term settlement outcomes.

One thought on “New Zealand

  1. Hello. I would like to know if there’re any works done on refugees who are also parents? Are there any practical interventions concerning this topic? Thank you.

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