What we do

What we do is stimulate & support research, education, practice, advocacy, awareness raising in the occupational therapy profession so it can embody the WFOT position paper on Human Displacement in meaningful and contextually appropriate ways.


Everyone Belongs

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Current examples of what we're doing within our profession:

  • Engaging Occupational Therapy Australia. Advocating and supporting a public response to the government's move to outsource the indefinite mandatory detention of asylum seekers who arrive by boat.
  • Developing early career OTs as leaders. At least one OOFRAS Inc Director is set aside for student/early career OTs. We are fortunate to currently have two on board; Amanda Tuckerman and Leah Clarke! 
  • Contact point with profession. 365 days a year, we respond by email and Skype dates to build the capacity of our profession.
  • Co-chair OT Australia's Refugee Settlement SIG (special interest group). Supporting OT Association members establish sustainable refugee special interest groups/ community of practice is a key priority. OOFRAS Inc has supported by co-chairing the inaugral SIG in Australia.
  • Writing for the WFOT Bulletin. Educating and stimulating discussion about the WFOT position paper on Human Displacement. 
  • Administer Facebook Page. Engage broad cross section of occuaptional therapists to stimulate conversation and connections.

Current examples of what we're doing beyond the profession: 

  • Detention Advocates Network. OT representation to raise visability and responsiveness to asylum seekers occupational needs in Australian immigration detention centres, particularly those living with a disability.

  • Promoting public and local OT participation. Normalising and celebrating OT input into important international observances such as World Refugee Day, Cultural Diversity Day, International Day of Tolerance etc.

Examples of what we've done:

  • Provide practice supervision. For OTs employed in refugee sector as the only OT in their team.
  • Key informant in research. Complete surveys and interviews for researchers.
  • Represent occupational needs to broader sector. Speaking at National Refugee Conferences. 
  • Fundraise. Music Gigs. Sweets Stalls. Tshirts. Kissing booth (kidding).
  • Developed university learning materials. Practice based learning scenarios. DVD for tutorial.
  • Monthly Skype Mentor. For duration of specific project work or to support local networks.
  • Supervise role emerging practice placements and projects. Within refugee settlment sector, individual students, and group projects.
  • Guest lecture and tutorials. Community based occupational therapy, transcultural mental health, occuaptional therapy and refugees, action learning, talks on career pathways, promoting engagement with National Assocaitions, cultural competence. 
  • Scholarship. Sponsored flights, registration, accomodation for OT working with refugees to attend WFOT 2006 Congress.
  • Media and speaking. Occuaptional needs within detention envionments on national and local radio. Guest speaker on pannel at conferences.
  • Training and workshops. To grassroots, non government, and government agencies re engaging refugees, cultural competence, work within detention environments. Within profession members have presented at OT Forums, OT workshops, OT conferences.

The network is 100% volunteer and donation run

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