WFOT 2014


OOFRAS Gathering in Japan

Here is an invitation from the World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT) Congress in Japan 2014.

The OOFRAS Inc network won't waste an opportunity to gather! Planning to be there? Want to be part of the action? Let's meet in WFOT 2014!!! 



Start thinking about an abstract!

See congress themes, and ideas for the OOFRAS Inc network to consider to put in an abstract between December 2012 - April 2013

Disaster Preparedness, Response & Recovery 

How can OTs share synergy of work with people displaced due to disaster and those displaced due to persecution?

Inter-professional Collaboration and the role of Occupational Therapy

What is the new multidisciplinary team as OTs responding to human displacement? 

Wisdom: Learning from the past, tradition for the future

Human displacement has long history, what can occupaptional therapists learn for today?

Innovations and Challenges in Occupational Therapy

Human displacement is a massive global problem, how can an emerging discipline punch above its weight?

Education and Research: Meeting the Demands of the Field 

What are the policy questions that could impact occupational opportunities? 

Evidence-based Practice and Quality of Occupational Therapy

Governments need to know now more than ever, what works in settlment?

The Nature of Human Occupation

How can we learn from the occupational adaptation of displaced people?

Community and Occupational Therapy

How does enabling occupational needs and rights with displaced people build peaceful cohesive communities? 

Japan Responding to Human Displacement 

Explore Japan's response to refugees and asylum seekers with these links.

UNHCR in Japan

Japan Association for Refugees

Refugees International Japan

Refugee Assistance Headquarters

Japan Multicultural Relief Fund

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