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"I have read with great interest about what occupational therapists can do with refugees and developed straight a away interest to help or do my field work with them or help during my free time. I have up to one year to finish my education In occupational therapy although I am an OT already.

I have lived here in Germany - Hamburg for a period of five years and am ready to help and share with the refugees all the challenges that they are going through since I have also passed through them.

Am requesting you please to send me any address of any such organisation working with refugees in Germany - Hamburg if it is possible. Jacob Edieru, OT Student" (21.10.13)

"I'm glad to know OT help for refugees and asylum seekers. I think you help many people and actually practice the Occupational Justice concept.It needed because more and more people suffer from natural disaster, uncertain political situation and so on. I hope I can do something for refugees and asylum seekers with you." Natsuko Ito, OT, Japan (24.12.11)

"Great Work! I am interested in learning more. I have done some work helping refugees assimilate to life in the U.S. Glad there is an OT group that is working on a global level!" Natalie Harr, USA (18.08.11)

 "It was really facinating to read for an OT student looking at doing a community development project with refugees!" Chloe M, Australia (11.05.11)

"As someone in the system of asylum, OT is very important to most of the asylum seekers due to what they have gone through in,their lives. This is a very good idea, hope so many will benefit from the project. Good luck Ellen and colleagues." Miriam Birungi Omoro, Europe, Expert by refugee experience (15.2.11)

"You guys are doing a wonderful thing, I would want to be part of your work!" Kushinga Maneswa, Africa, OT student. (11.2.11)

"So glad Tamar referred you to me! Lovely program you have...I hope to share this information on the new Child Development Club website: and hope some people contact you about your great work!" Laura Efinger, Egypt, OT. (11.2.11)


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