What is membership?

Membership means full rights and responsibilities of owning OOFRAS

So it's not about us. It's about service. We are not interested in collecting members who pay fees to be "serviced". Rather, our membership donation represents commitment and solidarity in service of our vision.

Our membership form indicates that members embrace the:

  • Responsibility to personally enact our mission
  • Responsibility to uphold our values, constitution, policy and procedures
  • Right to have opportunity for input with decisions, policy, and procedure
  • Right to vote about positions and key decisions
  • Right to serve in any position within OOFRAS board
  • Right to come up with ideas, policy, procedure for endorsement
  • Right to represent OOFRAS with stakeholders
  • Right to administer OOFRAS resources

How to become a member

Apply for membership with the form below including a pledge donation as a membership "fee". 

  • How much? Whatever amount feels fitting and joyful! 
  • Option A is for people who can access PayPal - OOFRAS accepts the pledge donation.
  • Option B is for people who can't access PayPal - attach a verifiable official receipt of pledge donation that has gone to your Occupational Therapy Association or United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.
  • We want to include you. If you're unsure, get in touch before applying, we want to help, and we look forward to welcoming you! If you apply and the form is incomplete, we will keep it for 30 days and get in touch so you can amend or update it. 

OOFRAS Inc endorses members in our bi-monthly board meeting in accordance to our Incorporated Association rules. (you're accepted unless you exhibit conduct and convictions damaging to our vision and mission!)

  • Your membership entitlements continues till the next August AGM.
  • You can extend current membership and voting into subsequent years with evidence of annual involvement with the OOFRAS mission.
  • You can remain in the loop with current members into subsequent years even if not a current voting member 


Joining OOFRAS at an event

OOFRAS members can help colleagues join as a member at stalls, conferences, university, workshops, interest groups using a paper form and issuing reciepts for cash membership pledges. This frees membership from your personal computer at home or work. 

Members facilitating this at an event for the first time need to liaise with the board first to ensure full understanding of the responsibility and to retrieve the transfer details.

  • The member is responsible to ensure the prospective members completes each field of membership form
  • The member is responsible to issue a reciept for the membership pledge
  • The member is responsible to lodge the pledge amount the next business day
  • The member is responsible to email the membership form to info@oofras.com
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