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Immigration Detention Seminar Series


The seminar series will involve events in:

  • York (‘The Politics of Detention’, lead organiser Alexandra Hall)
  • Birmingham (‘The Relation Between Prison and Detention’, lead organiser Dominique Moran)
  • Oxford (‘The Everyday Experience of Immigration Detention’ lead organiser Mary Bosworth)
  • Lancaster (‘Activism in and Around Detention’ lead organiser Imogen Tyler)


The objectives of the seminar series are:

To provide a means of networking between academics and practitioners, and those who have experienced detention, in order to exchange expertise and knowledge around the operation and implications of immigration detention in the national and international context.

To use a range of theoretical and disciplinary approaches in order to understand the phenomenon of detention more fully.

To create an opportunity for academics and practitioners to think through the implications of recent changes to detention in the UK and to consider alternatives to detention by drawing upon international examples.

To raise public awareness of immigration detention.

To create a web-based archive of seminars that will act as a resource for academics and practitioners in the future.

To secure user engagement for a planned research bid to ESRC. The current RCUK funding climate demands user engagement at all stages of research development, not only as part of dissemination.

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