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Who: Helen Claire Smith What: PhD - Meaning of Occupation for People Seeking Asylum in the UK (read press release hereWhere: Middlesbrough, UK

Who: Anne-Le Morville What: PhD - Asylum seekers and Assessment of Motor & Process Skills (AMPS). Where: Copenhagen, Denmark

Who: Samantha Lowe What: Honors undergraduate degree in International Development,  thesis on the cyclical nature of Palestinian nationalism and gender Where: Canada.

Who: Gerald Onsando What: PhD ‘Perspective transformation for Australia’s adult Humanitarian Program immigrants’ Where: Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia.

Who: Robert Pereira What: PhD involving critical and occupational justice analysis of Australian social inclusion policy discourse and how it has impacted on the everyday realities of citizens living with poverty, disability and entrenched disadvantage. Where: Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia.

Occupational Opportunities For Refugees & Asylum Seekers (OOFRAS Inc) is a group in Humanities, Medicine, Social Sciences on Mendeley.

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Whilst this is an Australian reference list of refugee studies since WWII - the research gaps are well worth considering before setting out!

The Human Security Gateway has a mere 2958 resources for your searching pleasure in the refugee and internally displaced people group! 

Health & Human Rights; An International Journal is a quality peer reviewed journal offering free online access since 2008!

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Journal of Occupational Science - info for authors

Journal of Immigrant & Refugee Studies - info for authors

Health and Human Rights - info for authors

Journal of Refugee Studies - info for authors

Refugee Survey Quarterly - info for authors

Directory of Open Access Journals -info for authors

Forced Migration Review - info for authors

International Journal of Refugee Law - info for authors

Can you help with a mini-project? Review each journal with this form so authors have a head start!

OT Seeker Wants Evidence

Sharing research that's done

  • Thanks to Abiola de Mojeed for 2010 thesis on "The effects of lack of occupation on the mental health of asylum seekers"
  • Thanks Prof Gelya Frank for sharing Practicing Anthropology cover of a 2008 issue featuring OT which you can read in full here
  • Your name here? :)
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I've started on a PhD exploring the effect of life as an asylum seeker, living in an asylum centre, on occupational performance and satisfaction with daily óccupations.
I'd love to share and develop my thoughts on this topic.
Anne-Le Morville, Copenhagen at 6:48pm 15th Jun 2011
Im embarking on a PhD exploring the meaning of occupation to people who seek asylum in the UK.
If anyone wants to share thoughts...Im here!
H Claire Smith, Middlesbrough UK at 7:33pm 24th Nov 2010
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