Career Corner

Your readiness

  • Relevant professional development. Look for training in community development, working with interpreters, social determinants of health etc ready to be listed on your resume. Consider this e-course on the rights of refugees and displaced people by Human Rights Education Associates.

Your job search

  • Get connected. Peak bodies for settlement sector. Peak body for social services sector. Peak bodies for multiculturalism or ethnic commnities. 
  • Follow the funding. Identify the government portfolio responsible for funding programs. Search for results of the last funding rounds to identify who is undertaking the work.
  • Look at job descriptions not titles. Does it engage displaced people and increase their skills, opportunities, and participation in mainstream community?

Your cover letter

  • Sector savy. How formal, how passionate, how personal varies between government, not-for-profit, and faith based organisations. Talk to others, call in and ask what they are looking for in an application.

Your resume

  • Membership of your National OT Association. Shows you stay connected and developing as an OT
  • Membership of OOFRAS Inc. Indicates your committmentn to this field of practice.
  • OOFRAS Reference. If you we've gotten to know you through your participation we're happy to referee!

Your interview

  • With the internet there's no excuse for not knowing about the organisation's funding , program areas, annual report.
  • Your contributions to the OOFRAS network! talk about your skills and outcome! 
  • Have questions ready. for the end of the interview.

Sample interview questions

  • What do you understand by the term "culturally responsive practice?
  • What would you need to consider interacting with the community and to be sensitive to the political environment?
  • What are the main things you would need to consider when undertaking case work with this client group?
  • Share an example of leading development of a collaborative partnership; challenges, outcomes, learnings?

These are real questions. Email in interview questions to help your colleagues prepare to work in this field of practice.  


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