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Detention & Deportation Issue

Forced Migration Review issue 43 – to be published in September 2013 – will include a feature on ‘Detention and deportation’. Deadline for submission of articles: 15th April 2012. Full details at

There are increasingly widespread claims that detention and removal are not only damaging to the individuals concerned, abusive and possibly illegal but that they are more expensive than community-based alternatives; that detention is not effective in deterring asylum seekers, refugees and irregular migrants; that it is counterproductive in achieving compliance with final decisions on asylum; and that there are humane, reliable and cost-effective alternatives to detention and to deportation.


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International Journal of Migration, Health and Social Care

The International Journal of Migration, Health and Social Care is a multidisciplinary journal focusing on international migration. The journal’s focus includes coverage of labour migration, asylum seekers, refugees and undocumented migrants, with an emphasis on health and social care and mental health issues.

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Technology's Role in the Refugee Experience

Technology’s Role in the Refugee Experience

The aims of this proposed special edition are to: examine the role of technology in the lives of asylum seekers and refugees, explore how the fields of refugee studies and technology studies intersect in the study of technology use by refugees, present a range of responses to this cross-disciplinary topic from different voices and sectors.

The questions to which the edition seeks to respond include: How does technology assist refugees in sustaining connections with their family members and communities? How are technologies used in countries of origin, during forced migration and settlement? What benefits do people enjoy from these technologies and how do they cope with the limitations of those technologies? How are relationships of power surrounding these technologies negotiated? What, if any, virtual communities are created around these technologies?

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Intersecting themes: Children, displacement, disability

Creating New Futures for All

Creating New Futures for All will bring together leading academics and organisations specialising in children's rights, refugee protection and disability. The conference goal is to promote the sharing of knowledge, experience and good practice around inclusion of children and young persons with disabilities and those displaced by war, conflict or disaster.

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Student Journal, the Oxford Monitor


Call for papers for the Oxford Monitor of Forced Migration, Vol. 2, No. 2
OxMo, the student journal dedicated to protecting and advancing the human rights of refugees and forced migrants, is accepting submissions for our fourth issue. We welcome articles fitting within the following sections.
For further information and to read the latest edition of OxMo, please visit
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Interest in Human Rights, Migration, and Climate Change?

CALL FOR PAPERS: First Networking Workshop on Human Rights Legal Frameworks in the Climate Change Regime

In spite of its growing political and cultural significance, social science research on climate change and migration remains comparatively sparse. The interdisciplinary field of migration studies has engaged extensively in migration and refugee research in respect of war, poverty and globalisation. Legal scholars and human rights experts have looked at uprooted people such as so called “climate refugees”, working migrants or asylum seekers from the framework of the international human rights regime. The climate change issues are often seen in the borders of environmental law because there are (so far) not many other legal alternatives to deal with the direct consequences of climate change. Yet, the different disciplines have not exchanged much of their knowledge and experience in their fields.
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Forced Migration Review

Forced Migration Review (FMR) is published three times a year in English, Arabic, Spanish and French by the Refugee Studies Centre of the Oxford Department of International Development, University of Oxford. FMR is available free of charge in print and online. Since it was launched in 1987 it has gained a global reputation as the most widely read publication on refugee and internal displacement issues. Migration Review editors are working on a number of themes for publication in 2012 and 2013: Being Young and Out of Place, Preventing Displacement, Fragile States and more. Articles of broader interest to forced migration are also included in each issue. 


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Working Paper Submissions sought by Refugee Law Initiative

The Refugee Law Initiative (RLI) invites submissions to its Working Paper Series. The series provides for the rapid dissemination of preliminary research results and other work in progress, reflecting cross and inter-disciplinary interests. . .

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The Gendered Refugee Experience

The 1951 Convention for the Protection of Refugees calls for the protection of individuals who reach countries of asylum. Who manages to flee, who is left behind, and who travels on to secondary and tertiary countries of asylum, however, differs, often along gendered lines. Not only does sheer number of refugees quantitatively differ along gender lines, but gender may also play a key role in mediating individual and collective experiences of flight, perceived and actual risks of migration for refugees, and societal reactions to newcomers. This is true even in circumstances where gender was not the primary reason for flight.

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