Assistive Technology

Assistive technology is the broad term for how technology can make the sustainable built, social, and virtual environments accessible - so that everyone regardless of age or ability can fully participate and contribute to society.

This participation is an important human right to defend. The World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT) Position Paper on Human Rights (2006) highlights displacement as a global condition that threatens the right to occupation and specifically states:

". . .People have the right to be supported to participate in occupation and, through engaging in occupation, to be included and valued as members of their family, community and society. . .

. . .Abuses of the right to occupation may take the form of economic, social or physical exclusion, through attitudinal or physical barriers, or through control of access to necessary knowledge, skills, resources, or venues where occupation takes place. . . " 

Want to help?

Actions of those in the OOFRAS Inc network can raise awareness with displaced people and agencies that partner with them about of the broader view of occupation and participation in society as a right. 

Actions of those in the OOFRAS Inc network can promote collaboration with partners to helps individuals and agencies consider the impact of the environment, accessibility, and technology as a barrier or enabler of meaningful occupation.

Actions of those in the OOFRAS Inc network can demostrate that the occupational therapy profession accepts professional responsibility to limit the impact of inequitable access to assistive technology, particulrly with people already vulnerable to exclusion due to displacement.


OOFRAS member Bradley Williams for more info or to join the project:  

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